Display as a Service(DaaS)

The project "Display as a Service (DaaS)" was the central project to develop the homonymous software architecture. It featured developments surrounding the DaaS software regarding live scaling and resizing of content across independent displays, hardware video encoding using the Intel QuickSync APIs, and accurate framelock on Intel CE hardware with enhanced network delay estimation. During the project runtime two European patent applications were submitted and two scientific papers were published.

The DaaS project won the first prize of the CeBIT Innovation Award 2013. Moreover DaaS was presented at the official Intel press conference at CeBIT 2013. It was afterwards used in numerous industry projects with Audi, Barco, BMW, T-Systems, and a collaborative project with Intel SSR, Santa Clara.

The project was the second of two DaaS-themed projects, building on the achievements in the project "Display Wall". The results of both projects were used, but not further developed, in the Intel VCI project "3D-Context-Aware Display Interaction (3DCADI)".

Project team

Principal Investigator
Alexander Löffler