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Here you find all internal and external press releases of the Intel Visual Computing Institute. 


Saar-Informatiker präsentieren 3D-Internet auf der US-amerikanischen Technologie-Messe von Intel

Dreidimensional anmutende, interaktive Grafiken können nun ohne großen Aufwand in beliebige Webseiten eingebunden werden. Informatiker von der Universität des Saarlandes haben dafür die Szenenbeschreibungssprache XML3D... more »


IVDA is featured in the Deutsche Welle's "Tomorrow Today" report

Interactive Visualization and Data Analysis Group (IVDA) is featured in the Deutsche Welle's "Tomorrow Today" report on August 29. Here you can see the video. more »


„Woche der Naturwissenschaften“ unter dem Motto „Bewusst ER leben“

„Bewusst ER leben“ lautet das Motto der diesjährigen Woche der Naturwissenschaften, die dieses Jahr gemeinsam vom Bildungsministerium und der Landeshauptstadt Saarbrücken veranstaltet wird. Offiziell eröffnet wurde die... more »


The BALL projekt team received the "Art & Science" Award at ECCB/ISMB 2011

At the 19th Conference on Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology (ISMB) and the 10th European Conference on Computational Biology (ECCB) the BALL team of Saarland University received the "Art and Science Award" for their... more »


Prof. Dr. Andreas Hildebrandt received the “Best presentation award” at BOSC 2011

At the 12th Annual Bioinformatics Open Source Conference (BOSC 2011) in Vienna, Prof. Dr. Andreas Hildebrandt, a former scientist at the Center for Bioinformatics in Saarbrücken, currently professor at Johannes Gutenberg... more »


Meeting the 3-D wizards from Saarbrücken

Researchers from the Intel Visual Computing Institute in Saarbrücken create three-dimensional worlds for the web browser. The institute emerged from an unique combination of industrial, academic and institutional foundation. more »


How high-performance computers will be much faster using new programming models

When vehicle manufacturer want to simulate a crash test on a computer, or climate scientists try to analyze worldwide meteorological data, they mainly require one thing: a lot of processing power. Nowadays the typical approach to... more »


ECOUSS project for better parallel-computing

The Federal Ministry of Education and Research is investing 1.69 million Euros in the research project ECOUSS. The goal of this project is to use parallel computer architectures more efficiently than before. Several institutes... more »


BALLView on MS Wissenschaft 2011

The subject of the current science year 2011 is "Research for our health". In order to draw attention to this topic, the MS Wissenschaft will cruise German rivers this summer. The MS Wissenschaft is an exhibition ship... more »


Drugs by a mouse click and “survival skills”: Saarland University is represented with two exhibits on science ship

The “MS Wissenschaft” is a former inland freight ship that has a generally understandable science exposition on board. Since 2002 the Initiative “Wisenschaft im Dialog” (WiD) is sending the ship regularly on tour throughout... more »

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